Last 18 days!

I’ll be done studying by May 27th, 18 days before exam. I read Quant & Eco for the 2nd time few weeks a go, but I cannot recall plenty of formulas and concepts, and I feel that my main weaknesses lie in these two topics. Thus, I’m planning to do the following during the last 16 days before the exam: 4 days to to revise Quant & do as much questions as possible

3 days to to revise Eco & do as much questions as possible

2 days to to revise FRA & do as much questions as possible (I’m much more better in FRA than Eco & Qant)

3 days to to reread Ethics (hopefully the whole handbook one more time) & do as much questions as possible And the last 6 days just for mock exams, one each day.

It will be my first time to write mocks apart from one Kaplan mock that Im currently writing gradually topic by topic as I finish reviewing… Do you think it’s a good plan??

I would like to suggest write a mock from 28th itself and not in the last week.

You need to know whether or not you can complete the paper on time and correctly.

If by chance you score badly, it’ll demotivate you.

Good on your exam bro.

I’d start doing those mocks now. Doing a full mock, breaking it down and going through the stuff you got wrong/ were not sure about, takes about 2-3 days. Doing 6 mocks in 6 days doesn’t really help anything IMO because you won’t have time to go back to the material.

Good luck!

But don’t you think that mocks are to adopt yourself to the exam settings more than learning topics, as one should be already done reviewing

I would also suggest doing a mock now and doing at least 5. You need to train your body to handle 6hrs of exam conditions. It will also highlight your weak areas for review. You don’t want to score a 40 the week before the exam even though you read all the chapters.

The mock and the actual test questions are slightly different than what you see in the curriculum. They tend to be less granular and test your general understanding of a topic. The EOCs and topic tests are more detailed. That’s why I think it would be a good idea to start doing mocks now so you’ll have plenty of time to review in case you discover some blindspots that you might have missed.