Last 3 days before EXAM....

Hi guys, what are doing in these last days?? Still studying? Reviewing? Taking tests?

Last 10 days: Book6, 3 samples and 2 mocks Today: reviewing my mistakes in book6 (5-6 hours) Thursday: Reviewing Schweser (5-6 hours - not at work) Friday: Reviewing Schweser (3-4 hours - not at work). Then enjoying the sunr, having 1-2 beers, watch tv in the evening Saturday 9-12, 14-17 Central European Time: EXAM!!!

Book 7? No way? I’m reviewing my mistakes too (Book7 and BSAS)… and reviewing theory (Schweser). Some time having a look at CFAI text, just to be sure to well understand some concepts… I wish I had already taken the exam…just to sleep quiter!!!