Last 30 days..Advice please..losing motivation

ok so we are pretty much a month away from the exam now

I feel like ive come to a complete standstill and dont know what to do next, i have read through the material, done past morning papers, pretty much done all PM papers (schweser and CFAI Mocks, just have the 2014 ones to do now)

I started going through EOCs and BBs again (started with FI, will do PM next and maybe fit in any other ones i feel weak in) but I also have to go through the AM papers again to review, as well as do Ethics and all related qs and then polish up on IPS return calcs and remember other ad hoc formulas/calcs

Can someone advise the best method of execution for the last month? I feel like im running out of time but at the same time not really feeling stressed (not because im confident though as i feel like i know about 50% of the curriculum, almost feels like ive given up but not at the same time indecision)

Real mind f***ed, sitting here procrastinating…

Step 1:

Open book

Step 2:

Find the EOC

Step 3:

answer the questions

Step 4:

check answers

step 5:

study the ones you missed

Step 6:

start over at step 1 in a different study session.

Repeat until June 5th.

Combined past exam/ mock is better.

You’ve done all of that already?

maybe you need to go out more often.

EOC/ CFA Mocks/ Schweser Concept checkers/ and take notes if needed…

Might be good to take some day off