Last 48 hours advice/strategy

Hi folks,

  • I have written three IFT mocks scoring around 70-75%.
  • Two CFAI mocks scoring low 60s. (Total confidence breaker since many concepts were tested which weren’t there in the TTs)
  • TTs were in high 60s range as well

Please suggest me some materials to go through for the next two days.

I am currently reviewing key areas using Schweser Secret Sauce. However, there were tonnes of little concepts tested in the mocks which I have completely forgotten and very time consuming if I pursue them.

Any strategy to maximize my learning/time ratio?

IMO, just try to reinforce concepts from heavy weighted subjects like FRA, equity and go through schweser solved examples for subjects like Alt, Port, Corp Fin. Here u generally have fixed steps to reach answers. Eco read secret sauce and go through MTM ques and ARB profit. For quant also go through secret sauce, it covers almost all key concepts. I guess that’s it

I’m stretching out so by exam day I’ll be able to reach my ankles :smiley:

Memorise formulas…might as well guarantee marks for the plug and chug questions. Probably too late to learn/master concepts now anyway

I’m going to run through all the memory dump qualitative stuff: Ethics, Corp governance, Econ theories. Re-write formulas multiple times and redo a few common calculation problems just to feel fresh and confident on them.