Last Day - 1 more MOCK or Review Formulas/Read “Secret Sauce”

Just like the subject suggests, I am going to prepare all day tomorrow (Thursday)…I am planning to take Friday off. I have taken 3 Mock Exams…I believe I am scoring well. Do you think my time tomorrow is best spent:

A). Doing one more Mock Exam on CFAI (Exam C) and then reviewing the incorrect answers. I have done 1 Kaplan Mock, and the 1st two CFAI Mocks.

B). Read Secret Sauce front to back. Review ethics.

C). Write the formulas down 15 times each. I feel like I Know all the formulas?

D). Review the sections where I am not scoring as high? FRA/ECON.

Thank you for the feedback.

Tomorrow I’m finishing reviewing Econ as that’s my least confident subject. Reviewing all of Mark Meldrum’s ethics videos. Rewriting all equation a few times and Il try to do one more mock. I’ve done 13 so far and getting mostly in the 80s now…hopefully it’s enough…