Last Day on the Forum

The more I keep reading stuff on the forum on what people know, don’t know, etc, the more nervous I get. My last day on the forum will be tomorrow. If I have anything groundbreaking to add, I will post selectively. Otherwise, reading all these posts simply clouds my judgement.

I just jumped on here a while ago today and I was thinking the exact same thing. My confidence level is dropping like a rock reading most of these posts. But, I remember feeling the same way last year and I hung around to the end, so I’ll probably stick around. I think it keeps me motivated to keep pushing hard. Good luck Pimp.

hey guys … it is not over until the fat lady sings. remember, there are thousands of us sitting this level next week … we are not just sitting the exam with the active writers on this forum … the dispersion is huge. just know that for most of us who work - there is no possibility of knowing and understanding everything on the course … there is just no time for that; work on some of your weaker areas, but let go of the obscure. read selectively to keep your own focus and confidence. Just dont get de-motivated, you dont have time for that emotion!

same for me, but I will keep reading / writing, because writing posts here helps me with essay answers actually I find this forum better than a lot of schweser or cfa examples… much more clear