Last Day Study Plan

Congrats! We’re almost at the finish line!

Was just wondering what status quo is with regards to the last official “study day.” I don’t plan on studying on friday, except ethics and maybe play around with schweser qbank but no true studying, but for the last actual day of really studying (tomorrow for me), what’s everyone doing? Just random questions from all units so it stays fresh, or certain units? Just curious as I haven’t heard much on what people are doing with their last few days.

I think I’m going to very generally review the topics that I’m strong in but haven’t reviewed much (go through Econ, Derivatives, and Alts) and then practice some problems with the certain formulas that always give me problems or I can’t remember. I am going to study Friday, but I think it will be pretty light. More as on overview to refresh on some of that “oh, ya” material and start relaxing by 4PM-5PM.

Man, I been going so ham on questions (averaging 130) a day for each reading that Friday’s just going to be a light general overview of all topics. punchlines but mainly formulas

Big picture things likely won’t improve too much of your score at this point. Remembering formulas on the other hand will likely net you the most dividends in terms of cramming. Though most people say there isn’t much calculations to do, I’m sure the formula cramming will at the least net you a few questions you might have otherwise not gotten.

I am gonna redo theory mostly. I saw around 7 questions on CF topic test from corporate governance. Man that was a lot from one small reading.

Same hede…look at the flash cards and read ethics…mostlt relaxation and preparing material to carry at the exam

Do a once over of all the topic tests, light topic reviews and sleep well!

Going to skim over Secret Sauce and all the formulas to have all the topics fresh in my mind. Today I did an Ethics day focusing solely on mock/topic test/QBank questions to get to know every possible case.

Didn’t get the package with secret sauce :frowning: Is finding a pdf online what people are doing?