Last few weeks.... how are people feeling?

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feeling ok. still worried about the structured responses and in particular the CIT quesiton. you?

concentrate on the workbook and do as many essays as possible and you will be fine. Also dont neglect ethics

I’m in the same boat. I’m just ready to get it over with.

Almost there. Scoring 85%+ in Uppermark Qbank and 60-70% in the dreaded essay questions.

Getting there. Finally feeling like its coming together. I’m spending a lot of time writing practice essay questions, and they do take practice. I panicked the first set of questions I worked on, but am getting a lot better now.

how was the exam guys…


Just did the CAIA LV2. Any thoughts on the exam?

I think the exam was specially tough compared to the Kaplan Q-Bank and Mocks. I was hitting +75-80% on all of them (MC) and not sure that I was able to reach a closer mark on the exam.

Does anyone know what is most likely the passing score when the curve is applied?

I sat on Friday 20th. Harder than Schweser practice questions and harder than I thought. I think (and hope haha) I’ve done enough to get over the line.

a few random things / facts I didn’t even remember reading in my study - but I think that’s the nature of CAIA.

good luck to those yet to sit

I take it on Friday the 27th… ready to get it over with!

Took it Thursday. I AM FREE!