last hour-predictions

It seems that the days are decidedin the frantic last hour, so now that we are there does anyone have a prediction…winner gets a special shout out post. I claim: 8775

8774.5 Bob!

I think we close on the lows (support) of the day: 8600+

still playing the prediction game?

well, i like to call it the “guessing” game to be more proper…based on nothing but luck, sentiment, whatever…far from deep tech analysis (in my guess anyway)

oh lord…this is gross to watch…and not cuz I am going to lose

bombs away…look out below. 8500

We broke the supports (IMHO): DJI: 8550 SPX: 900 NYA: 5700 NASDAQ: 1600 If we close below these numbers, tomorrow could be even worse…

this is just getting ridiculous, has anyone anywhere bought a stock in the last half hour? This is also getting way too predictable…I took a position in SDS this morning @98, exiting at the close, I won’t hold it overnight in these markets. the rest of my personal money (non-retirement) is in cash now.

Welcome to the new las vegas.

And in a few months…welcome to the USSA = the United Socialist States of America!

trek7000 comes in the winner on a wild hour, congratulations on your prognostication. See you all tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

seriously - CBOE could launch a secondary market in ‘last hour futures and options’

does it go down because of accumulated redemptions?

i think there’s two forces at play - any down day by 3p when there’s some negative catalyst, the slow money crowd just freaks out, and sells off. the fast money crowd stays on sidelines until 3p, reads the tea leaves, and trades away to heart’s content. this is a nonsense market - epileptic

virginCFAhooker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > does it go down because of accumulated > redemptions? It also drops because mutual fund sell order prompt the fund to raise cash. This usually occurs near the end of the day.