Last minute checklist

WIth the test coming up I’d thought we could make a checklist of what to bring so you don’t show up unprepared.

-Exam ticket

-Calculator (with a backup battery)



-I’d recommend bringing a packed lunch or meal replacement bar just so you don’t have to run around your test center area looking for food and waiting on line

-Wrist watch to keep on desk for time

Bring an eraser (or “rubber”, as UK people would say). Also, a little screwdriver if your calculator needs that for the battery compartment.

Great point invic. Personally, I am going to replace the battery in my BA II Plus today even though it is not dead. I really don’t want to have to deal with the mini-screws, etc. that come with replacement during the exam. Just a thought.

Note sure if that helps, but I would bring some chewing gums and ear plugs. The chewing gums help me concentrate better. A recent study also shows that gums boost your mental activity :o) As for the ear plugs, you never know how noisy it is in the test center, so you might wanna have them in your pocket - just in case. Good luck!

Regards to extra battery and mini screwdrivers. Is it ok to bring an extra calculator, unpacked and have two of the same calculators sitting on same desk? I know they are strict with some stuff. Some things have to be under the chair. Either way, I think are allowed to have two of the same calculators because I also don’t want to deal with batteries and mini screws. That can take up some time if it needs to be replaced.

yeah they should let you bring 2 calcs in and keep one under your chair or something. the proctor will let you know.

If your calculator has not been showing signs of weak battery, in at least the day prior to the exam, you really don’t need an extra battery or an extra calculator. I personally like the idea of a desk free of clutters, makes you more focused without having to worry about things getting in your way or things falling around you.

bring sucking candy, sugar calms the nerves

what’s the chance ur calc battery actually dies?

low, and if it’s true that it isn’t that calc heavy, unlikely to hurt you significantly…

A probability I’d rather not worry about. Costs 50 bone for a new calc, costs just over a grand to sign up if you fail…

no erasers?!?!?! i will bet you any money you will erase some answers and change them

what? we aren’t allowed to bring any erasers? lol (that’s a joke right?)