Last Minute Confidence Booster -- Schweser Mock #3 Morning

This one seemed easier than the others I have taken…I’m going to pretend it is because I have been studying/reviewing!

But I do recommend that anyone who needs a confidence boost and wants to spend a little more time on a mock take this one…

Ethics - 72%

Quant - 100%

Econ - 92%

FRA - 79%

Corp - 70%

Portfolio - 83%

Equity - 83%

Fixed - 79%

Derivatives - 50%

Alternative - 100%

Total - 81%

Quant has traditionally been one of my worse sections, so I spent time reviewing it yesterday.

I’m disappointed with my FI score on that one (last one I took I scored 100% on it), and I will probably quick review ethics, derivatives, and go back over all the questions I have missed on my mocks.

I wouldn’t feel right taking a day off tomorrow - but I’m not going to take another mock, either.