Last Minute Reviewing Strategy

I have taken the CFAI mock and got a 65% on it ( mentioned this on another thread). I still feel like I need to review quant econ and equity before feeling comfortable with this test. I have been reviewing subjects from 11th hour guide (Purchase the complete elan package) during the work week and taking mocks on the weekend. I am trying to decide how to allocate the rest of my time. I plan on just reading through those 3 sections and brushing up on what I don’t know as efficiently as possible and use the remaining time to do EOC and mock exams. Thoughts / Advice?

Have you been using their study notes / videos or just the 11th hour?

Cinderella, are you referencing what I used to study on the first read through? Or now? On the first read through I used the notes / video. Now I am using 11th hour / videos to review these topics leading up to the exam…

Also, after reading a chapter a night during the work week, I’ll do EOC and Elan questions for that particular chapter, forgot to add that. Thanks for your help

I’d say read the notes fo sections you are weak on and continue to review others from the eleventh hour. Mocks on weekends is a good plan. Make sure you go over all questions you get wrong. That’s a great way to learn. Good luck!