Last minute tip

Here’s what i use for translation adjustments. The all-current method is easier than the temporal method, therefore adjustments start with the income statement(easy) and then go to BS, this results in translation gains and losses showing up in the BS. The Temporal Method is Hard, you start with the BS(hard) and go to the IS, translation gains and losses show up in the IS. This makes the temporal method more volatile to Net income. These are good for those questions that ask about NI under the Temporal method. When you have a net Monetary liability and appreciating local currency NI will be lower because of translation losses. Hope this helps

good stuff…just looked through some of this. plug figure for all current is put into equity to get the BS to balance. You know the NI and therefore the RE, so find a plug to balance the BS. plug figure for temporal is derived starting with BS. Find out what your NI has to be to get to the RE that will make it balance. Put the adj on the IS.