Last month Advice/Tips to Level 2 candidates

Hope you all are doing well in your study efforts. I am looking for some last month tips where I need to focus to give me maximum chance to cross the line and who else better than those already done it. Let me let you know where I stand in my study efforts so that you all can advise given my situation. I have completed my reading 3 weeks back, since then I am taking mocks weekly and reviewing. I am solving CFAI EOCs again and again. I want to know how much EOCs are close to real exam in terms of language and difficulty? Please let me know what really helped you defeat this beast. I would look forward for your valuable posts. Thanks in advance.

I would share this thread in L2 so that others can also benefit.

What you need to focus on depends on your strengths/weaknesses at this time. As for the EOC questions they are good practice. However i would recommend knowing how to solve things, for example, derivatives taking both sides of the trade (long and short). One of the hard things about these exams is the way they are worded. I would also recommend doing a few finquiz questions too.

Thanks Zanalyst for your inputs. Can you please tell how close is CFAI EOCs to real exam questions in terms of difficulty level ?

accounting, EOCs & blue boxes, do BSAS online mock for $100 past 3 yrs it gives you if you have time

Never did EOCs. Last month - QBanks, Mocks, QBanks, Mocks. QBanks, Mocks.

Once you finish reading the curriculum, it’s pretty easy. Just hammer away on practice questions similar to the exam format. In your trouble areas, review the material. Get back to exam format practice questions.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP. I took my first mock (big mistake waiting that long) the Monday before the exam and I bombed it…I mean, 40%. Those last four days between that mock and the exam were the difference between passing and failing because I refused to give up.

Remember Al Pacino’s motivational speech from The Longest Yard? All that stuff aout how winning and losing is a difference of inches, and you have to fight for every inch? That’s what L2 is. FIGHT FOR EVERY INCH.

Wow - What did you do in those four days?!

This is really helpful - thanks - I’ve covered the material and did some q-bank, but now in this last month (after spending this week doing a full revision), couldn’t figure out whether to tackle EOCs/BBs (which at this point seems like it’ll take way too long since I haven’t touched them) or just do practice ?'s using qbanks/mocks…I guess there is HOPE :slight_smile:

MEMORIZED. To be fair, I had already put in 340+ hours at that point. I had already made two passes through the material, did all the EOC questions, and had typed up my own notes on all the material. But as you all know, the amount of material on the L2 exam is mind boggling, and I hadn’t committed enough of it to memory. So, after having spent months getting a solid conceptual understanding, in those four days I memorized as much as was humanly possible.

I found those to be repetitive. so much so that when I did the actual years bsas exam I solved some of them without reading the vignette.

EOC and blue box are good for understanding the topics but then you have to undestand how they can be asked in different ways. For that I recommend Finquiz. Note, i did not try schwesers question bank for level 2 so i cant really comment on that. However I did feel finquizs question bank covered the small details and different wordings that might show up on exam day.

Thanks for the inputs and hope it help me spend my last month time more productive.

This is so true.