last personal stock purchase...

mine was today …RAX @ 10.53. Rackspace managed holdings. IPO came out a little while ago. wondering what other people are buying.

not trading much these days, but I do a lot of writing out there in the real world and my best pick this summer has been BKE. I also like LO, also in the green. LO is catching pin action off the UST deal with big MO, and BKE is ripping 8 ways to sunday with very strong comps BKE + 21% since 7/1 – market is down in that period…LO, good for a 10% move and my DDM got me to a $82 PT

Bought UYG a couple weeks ago around $20.50

$66 puts on EFA. Bought at $2.35, sold at $4, promptly went up north of $6 late last week. Bummed I could have profited more, but I guess no one ever lost money taking profits.

NKE @ 60, sitting pretty much flat over the past couple of months… VFC @ start of year @ 68, now sitting at 83…good for about 22% I know, retail right? Other than those sticking in cash has been my best pick and hold.

I looked at RAX the day of their IPO. Entered a position on AUTH (fingerprint biometrics) today after they fell 60%. I also bought MSFT and V recently. I literally just started building a portfolio a few weeks ago and hope to have 20ish positions in a few months. Financials are at bottom or close to it so its time to start adding some banks/financials. My portfolio is meant to be for the long haul. I used to trade options and stocks on a daily basis in college which was a lot of fun but as we all know its not a good way to remain profitable.

Today I purchased two XOM Jan 2010 85.0000 call options

I’ll be loading up on energy in the next day or two. A few picks will be NXY and ECA.

SNDK looks like it wants to buckle

My IRA is getting hammered. Chinese Solar, Gaming, and Metals plays were badly timed.

Blue horse shoe loves anacot steel

KCIN, I like ECA too but why NXY?? They and OPTI have had nothing buy trouble on their long lake project, and NXY’s counting on that project for production growth… Just a quick thought but maybe CNQ might be worth a look instead??

Purely based on valuation. With OPC and NXY I buy when they sell off and sell when they rebound. I’ve done this for NXY and OPC for the past 3 years and has worked out very well for me. If you watch all the Canadian E&P guys (SU too) they tend to get oversold and rebound quite nicely. CIBC just put out a small research report on this the other day. OPC will rebound once long lake officially starts up and ramps up over the next 12-18 months. If/when Phase 2 is sanctioned there will be a lift for sure. I’ll throw in some really low bids and hope they get filled. OPC at under $14 is a great buy in my opinion.