Last "real" day of studying.

This is it. I hope I look at the right stuff.

yesterday I lost my ‘wings’ don’t know how you guys are doing it. I am at the point were my morale is down, I am not nervous at all but feel like I am fighting against the odds. anyways in the next 30 hours or so I will do my best

I took the night off last night and drank a few beers with some freinds just to cool my jets before I push it to the max today. Tomorrow, I may read Secret Sauce in the morning or something similar and then I’m done by noon. Just going to chill out and then pass this thing on Saturday!

Friday is half day off - no matter what. It’s important to gain energy and I believe it helped me at the other two exams

Friday is my only day off. Going through all schweser book 1 practice exams (took them) and re-reading 2006/2007/2008 essays. Hope to be done by ~3PM and then shut it off.

8 hours today, then Ethics/GIPs in morning and want to be done by noon. i agree–take time off tomorrow. clear head much easier to pass on saturday.

Going through secret sauce today for an entire overview and to remind me of big picture type stuff. Then Ethics/GIPS tomorrow till 12…then to watch 300.