Last Thusday at the Club

I’m about 75% sure someone from this forum paid me a visit at my place of work late last Thursday evening. I did not think anything of this guy, who appeared mid to late 30s, until the following exchange. After not really having much a conversation about anything in particular, he asked me how old I was. I said 36. Then he paused and said something along the lines of “if you really knew who I was, you would probably freak out” Then he promptly left. I’m interpreting that as, if you were to try to identify me at my place of work (and not want to appear obvious) you would probably have the following checklist: black hair, blunt bangs, body matches selfie photo… there are only a few other personal identifiers one could use (without talking about CFA or whatnot). Once of those would be age.

so… anyone want to fess up??? :slight_smile:

Do you offer an AFer discount?

It depends on how hot you are and whether or not you buy me Lagavulin

Most likely someone you went to high school with. You looked familiar to him and when you gave your age (similar to his), he put 2 and 2 together.

damn you and your practical and logical reasoning… that would be so boring

prob your kid from 1 night stand in 1998

Super creepy though. I’d guess it was AF, I think you mentioned where you work specifically on one of the threads.

^Yeah, KMD. You need to 'fess up to where you work. I guarantee you’d get some visitors, then.

(I would have come visit you when I was in Philly, but there was approximately zero chance my wife was going to let me go out to a strip club, and there was no way to get away from her.)

Indeed. I totally was not “freaked out”… who ever you are. I would be truly amused if someone from this forum stopped by. Meanwhile, I will have to make due with boring squares and guys who want their crotch stepped on *sigh* I did mention it before… Club Risque on the Delaware. Place is probably due for some interior remodeling (but what club isn’t)…but we have Laguavulin 16! yes Also, this is the club where Amber Rose once worked. In fact I can remember her dancing with a mohawk way back when I first started.

^ Alright. Putting it on the list for if I ever wind up in Philly (which is probably never, but who knows).

If you go, just ask for the girl who is always reading the Economist and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. They know me :slight_smile:

Is that the one right next to the Target?

Holy smokes! That is literally the only club I know of in Philly. I bought a backpack at that Target for our trip, and joked to my wife that I should go on a “fact-finding” mission in there to look for you.

I think she halfway considered it, but we decided it was stupid to try and find a a girl we didn’t know in a strip club we couldn’t identify in a city I’d never been to.

Oh well. I blew my chance to confirm that KMD really is a girl and not a 40-something Indian dude.

ok, if KMD is actually a dude, best troll job ever. Very elaborate and detailed. never breaks character. If not, she’s a robot - ex machina style…there is just so much we don’t know

So some weird creeper showed up at the club and you automatically assumed it was an AF member? I don’t know if we should be offended or flattered that you thought of us, or maybe suggest that you find some real life friends. In all probability though, it was probably STL. Yeah, I’m going to say STL.

You don’t work in a NYC club? Only philly?

We can rule out Magician and Hashtag (he would have ran out saying #Busted).

I for one am honored to be categorized for the sketchbag that I am. If KMD worked in Canada I would have paid a visit, then in Canadian fashion apologized for being a creep.

Nope, still been lucky enough to avoid Philly so far this year.

And, believe me, I will A) tell her it’s me so she can either punch me in the throat or we can have a friendly drink; and B) I will report everything back to you all post haste.

^ Yeah, STL reports everything.

yo yo yo, last Thursday in da club.This dude came up to me, said three words, then disappeared.