Last week before the exam!

Hello everyone,

this is my last week before the exam level 1, and I’d like to ask you for some advice on what to and how to study during these last days.

During the last month, I’ve completed the mocks official exams improving my scoring. ( Mock 1: mrn 69% - aft72%; Mock2: mrn70% - aft 78% ; Mock 3: mrn79%- aft78%). I’ve done also the practice question on the ecolearning system
What to do now? Buying other mock exams and questions from external resources or focusing on review the mocks did?

Thank you in advance for your replies!!

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My suggestion would be to review the mock you did. Getting close to 80% a week before the exam is a good sign. Just review the questions you got wrong or weren’t sure about and you should be good. Might also be useful to go over ethics again and review formulas.


Make sure you know how to use your calculator and the various worksheets!!! :nerd_face:


Ethics is a good area to focus on for the last week. It is a relatively easy topic area with significant weighting and has always been rumored to be a deal breaker for passing.


@chadsandstedt @breadmaker @cfageist Thank you for your suggestion, ethics and formulas all day long!! :joy: :joy: So do you think my scores on the mocks ( taken on real exam conditions) are pretty safe?

Sorry to bother you, but I’m kind of nervous these days before the exam and I’d like to be more confident!

Thank you!!

If you haven’t had the exam yet it would be also worth to check the post about common mistakes. Very helpful.