Last Week Score Ranges

Anyone else starting to really freak out about not passing? I’ve put in over 350 hours but my average scores per category still hover in the 50-70 range with only ethics surpassing the 70…seems like chances of passing as slim but I’m not sure if that’s just me freaking out?

Also, anyone have any tips on handling anxiety? Feel like I start panicking and forget easy formulas due to stress. All this has come on in the last hour or so as I saw my countdown on the website go down to 4…

You are not alone.

I’m in the same position, put in 350 hours now and still finding myself not knowing a fair few questions, it’s massively frustrating! My CFA avgerages on the dashboard are 64% for Q’s, managed to get a 70% in a mock which was awesome but couldn’t help feel while doing the exam that there was too much I taking an educated guess at.

Just take it easy, the count down timer is hilariously scary. Like you I thought I would know it all going into the exam after putting in excess of the recommended work but I recon most people must find themselves in the same position at this stage which is why the pass rate is so low…

I think it’s only going to hinder your performance by being anxious so have some confidence in yourself that you have done a lot of work so far. You got this!! :wink:

I am in the same situation too or worse. I still do not feel ready, and can already feel that I will fail. I am freaking out, cannot sleep, and when I do it is all formulas and CFA material. What I tell myself in order to calm down, is that if I think I am going to fail, so be it. But at least I should study for these days left, what am I gonna lose?! (But honestly I cry myself to sleep)

Here’s the deal. If you’ve put in the work and don’t pass, yeah it sucks but at least you gave it your best. The time is pretty much up, if you’re not refining what you know but instead still learning all of it, it’s going to be hard to pass. It’s not the end of the world if you fail it to be honest, a huge bummer, but if you gave it everything that you had and come up a little short, then it’s going to be okay. You’ll be more prepared next time and maybe you needed to look at this stuff twice to learn it, after all this is about learning the skills to become a better investment professional. On the flipside, if you come up short but were lazy, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Also remember at level 1 you can just sit again in December and it has no affect on your ability to sit for level 2 in june of next year so you’re really just playing with house money.

In essence test day is now 3 days away. Focus on studying and leaving it all out there and then just wash your hands and call it good at 5:01 PM EST.

I have stopped freaking out and just accepted the inevitable. Going to do a bit of reviewing for the highest weighted topics, but my scores have fluctuated so badly that I am just not in the mood. I will definitely blame myself for not tackling the questions earlier. Totally inefficient studying on my part.

You still have to pay for the exam in December though right?

No, they’re always free after you sit for level 1 for your first time…

yes, you have to pay.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone! Have started to calm down and feel slightly better. Good luck to everyone!!