Last Week

Last year this time all I could think about was level 3 . This year it is the last thing on my mind . Keep it going guys your in the home stretch …it will feel great when your finally done with this beast . Don’t let anything get in your way the next few days . I passed on my 2nd attempt at level 3 …if your not sure what to do at this point or if you have limited time to review , focus on IPS , IPS and more IPS and efficeint time management. That was what killed me the the first time around . Try and do the last 3 - 4 yrs AM papers if possible and all the samples/mocks from the CFAI site . I wish you guys well …and I will see you on the other side !!

Thanks RB

Thanks, that sounds like my plan but I still need to do some revision so I think 4 practice exams may be too much (Even though I would like to do so many)