Last Years PM Weights

Does anyone know this? Was last years PM exam as heavily weighted towards Fixed Income/Derivatives/Risk Management as all of Schweser’s Exams? It seems Schweser weights these categories around 60-70% of the PM exam.

Out of the afternoon 180 points: 18 Derivatives 18 Econ 36 Equity Investments 36 Ethics 36 FI 18 PM 18 PM - Individual So FI & Deriv were 30% of the afternoon and in my opinion they were more difficult than the other item sets.

Yeah I expected these to be the toughest and given the proposed weighted scheme put more effort in other categories. yet, all of the practice exams in Schweser Practice Exams Volume 1 are 60-70% weighted in these specific categories. Frustrating. I could definitely live with last years weighting.