Late, but about to start preparation

I know am late to start, so need suggestions regarding preparation…

CFAI books are huge and I don’t think I have enough time to go through it. Planning Schweser. Is it enough?

You have 95 days.

The material is not difficult. I have got through almost all of Schweser in 90-100 hours.

However I think now if the most difficult bit - answering the AM Qs.

I will spend a lot of remaining time practicing these.

You will need to finish the material by end April and spend 1 month on what I plan to do for 3.

Call me crazy, but I think you’re underestimating what lies ahead.

(If you’re back in this forum next year, maybe you should amend your Batman username.)


Perhaps you should read the remainder of my post


So you’re definitely a bit late. Also, the material may appear–upon first glance–easier than L2, but when you start seeing the nuances, you may sing a different tune.

You’ll have to clock min 4hrs a day.

Not bad – but based upon your generic Username and poor English, I’m probably giving you too much credit. That being said, I did read your post. In its entirety. Understood the message in it, too.


i like #ReturnOfTheJedi more

i will use it if come back next year…

I agree with Batman in the sense that the material is not difficult to get through versus the previous levels. Once you get through it, you probably won’t remember a good chunk of what you read and that’s where you’re going to be short on time learning in depth the multitude of things you can be tested on in those essays.

We’re in similar boats. I want to use March to start and finish Schweser. Difference is I’m GIPs away from finishing the main content. 1,000 pages in schweser, less if you save Ethics for a later review. 250 pages a week is easy so make sure you get a good understanding of the problems as you go through.