LATE Supplementary Material Selection - best value for time and money

Hi guys,

I’ve been studying from CFAI and now thinking about what additional materials for this last stretch.

Obviously, I was going to focus on mocks, specifically I wanted to go:

-Kaplan - 3 full mocks set

-Wiley - self study course with 1 mock (rest of the stuff would probably go unused at this stage)

-Analysit Ninja - 3 full AM mocks.

Looking at Wiley, I noticed the 11th hour course, which I recall hearing good things about. That made me think and I wanted to ask you. What do you think about the combination above - would you add or replace anything? Would the 11th hour be a useful addition or substitute?

Just to clarify, I am not sure how much time I will have to use all the material - I would expect about 2 per day on average, so really ca.90hours.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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