late to the race

Hey guys, would like your advice on a situation that probably some people are in but few mentions (at least not on this forum). I have been in fund accounting for a bit over 3 years now. I passed level 3 in the most recent exam but i’ve come to the realization that my CFA designation cannot nearly offset the time wasted as an FA these few years as most transition out after a year or two. I would like to move towards areas related to investments such as research analyst rather than the corporate finance side. What do you guys suggest is the best way to get there? MBA, Masters, FRM, some type of volunteer work, or others? thanks

Be cautious, the longer you stay at your position, the deeper the hole you are digging, and the harder it gets to get out. I would advise to move out within the year. Your best bet is a good full time MBA program.

thanks for the advice… MBA would be something i would look at further in the future, like a year from now… in the mean time, do you think passing the FRM in November would make any difference in getting more interviews? thanks