Law of Diminishing "progress"

I feel like I knew more of the material about a month ago than I do now. Anyone else feel like that? It seems like the more studying and questions I do, the worst it gets.

flash cards, bingo!

That’s sort of the case for me. I was consistently hitting 80-90 on qbank a few weeks ago, now it’s more like 75-85. But I think we can push it up once we get our final intensive studying done.

My brain is stuck. May be because I really need to sleep. I slept 10 hours last week. WTF

My knowledge is decreasing at an increasing rate ahahaah good luck all I hear you, topther…I was getting mid 80’s now im in mid 70s PS. Anyone from boston wanna get together beforehand and review for the last few days?

on this forum, dreary, strange, topher and map are the best guys. I need to get off this forum and get some studying done, given 70% of course is still left to do. Lol

Touche. Feel like I peaked too early…

beingthatguy, at least you contributed a new law to economic science!

18 days left. Wrap up material in 2 weeks and do 3-5 practice exams in remaining 4, that is my plan.