LBS top school in FT (Sorry if this has been posted before)

How about that ranking for INSEAD? Wow.

FT rankings have always been… interesting to say the least. Of course, they are not without entertainment value: Thunderbird 67, Notre Dame 71. Muahahahaaa.

What would you give Thunderbird as a ranking?

Sorry, it’s not that Thunderbird is placed 67th - it’s that it’s placed higher in the rankings than Notre Dame.

Thunderbird? As in the car? Sounds about right.

Oh I see, sorry for my misrepresentation. Reason why I ask is because my cousin actually chose to go there when he had the chance to go to high-ranking schools. He said that he wanted to go the most “international” North American school and I think Thunderbird requires proficiency in three languages. Their website mentions how they rank #1 for international schools but I question the sources. It turned out well for him though; I can’t say sh!t because he is CEO of a publicly-traded company and was named top 40 under 40 in the Globe & Mail (a Canadian newspaper) and has one a few other accolades.

Thunderbird has one of the better programs in International MBA. Don’t know about other programs but this school is consistantly under top 50 rankings school in USA.

nuppal Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thunderbird? > > As in the car? > > > Sounds about right. Thunderbird the bum wine:

FT, WSJ, and BW rankings always interest me. i get to see the disparity (shortcomings?) among the methodologies pretty easily. FT ranks Kellogg 22 and Wharton above Harvard. Don’t know what they are smoking.

I can see a financial magazine ranking Wharton above Harvard. Honestly though, once you are considering the very top tier of schools, who cares?

Do you think FT puts a lot of merit on first-year salary increase post-MBA? Because I think that measurement should just be thrown out–or at the very least, given a small weighting. You get funky results otherwise.