Lead Type

I plan on using pencil on the essay portion of the exam, however I am still debating on whether to use .5mm or .7mm lead. On the one hand, .5mm seems to write neater with less smudging but .7mm seems to be a little faster and tends to last a little longer without having to click for more lead, which could save on time. Writing in pen scares me a bit in case I need to erase anything. What say you?

my hand writing in pencil is absolutely horrendous…so gotta use a pen :-/

.5mm is too weak for me - i press too hard - i am going with .7mm

You must use blue or black ink. Cross something out if you need to erase it.

you can use pencil - this has been discussed at great lengths.

I plan on using a feather and dipping it in ink from a deep sea octopus.