Leading figures in finance and economy?

I’m trying to put together a list of some leading experts in the field of finance and economy, and I will appreciate any suggestions.

soros, jensen, krugman


roubini, schiller

Greenspan, Dimon, Mozillo, Chinese Government Monetary Authority, Local Real Estate Mortgage Broker, Financial Engineers who devised CDO cubed, squares, and everything in between, Quants, Greenburg, and of course BO himself - Barack Obama.

Nick Leeson of Barings Bank…HAHA.

Warren Buffett. Duh.

MattLikesAnalysis “We’re all gonna die!!!”

^^ Yes, eventually…

Barton Biggs.


Kyoshi Ito … RIP

Yes I’ve already got JoeyDVivre(joie de vivre) on the list, he was my first.

that virginCFAhooker was good too.

Fama and French?