Leaked Romney video


He is shown the videos saying that “no matter what” he does, 47 percent of the population is going to vote for Obama because they are “are dependent upon government.”


This guy can’t keep it together

Photoshop "mittens"

What a liar. Isn’t it 50%?

Wait… there’s nothing wrong with what he said. I would have worded it differently: 47% of US people want more progressive taxation. That is, they want more resources from richer people to be allocated downwards. You cannot have this point of view without believing that people in society are “entitled” to income redistribution. Romney supporters would generally want less progressive taxation. That is, they want people to keep more money based on what they earn. Without taking either side, I recognize the validity of his statement.

I agree, I dont see nothing wrong with what he says, but still feel things like this is what will keep some voters away from him. This race is tight and he needs everything he could get.

You said it as a politician should say it. He said it as a random poster on a message board. That’s the problem. His advisers are not doing their jobs.

haha Mitt the Twitt

I asked my driver, here in India, who he was gonna vote for in the next Indian election. He said, “Whoever gives the best lunch, Sir.”

America is pretty much heading down that path now. Obama offers a free lunch to the lower class and Romney a slightly richer lunch to the upper class.

However, what these guys actually do once they are elected is completely a different matter.

I didn’t think the video was nearly as bad as the headlines indicate

Yeah, it’s really not any different than what has been coming out of the GOP for the past 4 years. Although, the problem here is optics. Just the image of a bunch of entitled aholes who think they’re great but most likely had everything handed to them complaining about other people mooching off the system. And then to make matters worse Willard has the balls to talk about other people’s taxes when he’s mmost likely paying less on a percentage basis (SS, income, state, local, sales, etc) than the people he’s bitching about.

95% estate tax at over $2 million, no loopholes? That’ll get people spending.

Why do you talk to the help?

But, he wants to lower taxes! If he said people should pay more tax but paid little tax himself, that would be hypocritical. He says people should pay less tax, so it is unsurprising that he organizes his own life to reduce personal taxes.

And of course, there is the whole matter of investment vs. normal income tax, but I’ll let other people argue about that if they want.

One thing about Mitt’s taxes is that he passes a lot of his wealth to his sons in a ridiculously efficient fashion. I honestly don’t know a single person, poor or rich, that trusts all of his children so much to continuously gift them such a large portion of his personal wealth while still active. Quite a contrast to the wealthy fathers that have a successful career, neglect their children, curse them for being ungrateful, then give all their money to a random cause or mistress.

“The biggest non-filing states are — except Florida and New Mexico — solid red states:…”

THIS IS WHAT I don’t get about politics, some of the poorest, government dependant states usually vote Republican. These are the same people Romney is ripping into; this is the big irony and issue with his statement- it’s simply not based on any factual analysis:


@Ohai, I expect more thoughtful analysis from you. It’s ironic that Republicans cut income taxes so much that now 47% of people don’t pay income taxes and now they are complaining about the policies they instituted. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to. What would this percentage be without the Bush Tax Cuts? Much lower!

So instead of the solution being to raise taxes on everyone; the solution is to decrease taxes even more? How does that solve the issue of 47% of people not paying income taxes? Doesn’t that just make it worse? What Romney is saying makes no freaking sense!

It doesn’t make sense but it plays into this theme of class warfare they have been promoting.

I agree with your earlier post as well, the republicans have some how manage to convince huge swaths of society to vote against their own best interests. This is likely to do with the fact that their message resonates strongly with the uneducated and willfully ignorant.