Learn Corp Fin through just questions?

My studying hasn’t quite gone as a I planned. I’ve read Schweser and watched MM for everything except for Equity and Corp Fin. I’m leaving Ethics to the end and will just hammer question banks for it. I’ve done quite a few Schweser questions, but they’re obviously a lot easier than the real thing, so I need to move on to EOCs, TTs, and mocks as quickly as possible. My target date to have everything done before starting review was April 22nd, but I’ve still got a couple of readings of PM to finish, as well as Equity and Corp Fin, and it’s not realistic I’ll finish them by the 22nd. My new plan is to start Equity tomorrow and be done within a week, so I’m looking at the very real possibility of not being able to cover Corp Fin. I don’t think it’s worth delaying my review period to cover it in depth. Couple of questions:-

  1. Am I correct that I should just move on to questions ASAP after Equity even if I haven’t covered Corp Fin?

  2. I don’t want to completely punt on Corp Fin, but is it likely that I’ll be able to pick up a good amount just through drilling questions?