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Want. Need. Must have. http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-11/electric-brain-stimulation-improves-patients-math-skills

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What happens when you connect it to different parts of your body?

I was looking for a new business idea…might do the trick :smiley:

I’ve heard that the Milgram teaching method works better.

All you needed are 3 electric shocks, then you will fly by 3 CFA exams

I like the disclaimer: “* Do not zap your brain with electricity except under professional supervision.”

I think QQQBEEE sh!t this out when he was drunk.

ohai Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What happens when you connect it to different > parts of your body? True story - I know this guy who had an accident that left him with intractable back pain. To be able to function, this guy had to take huge doses of narcotics. His doctor suggested that he have electrodes implanted in his spine and then wear this electrical device that sends a current up his spinal cord to eliminate pain somehow. It worked and he is wearing it at this moment (he always wears it, no matter what he is doing, always…). The problem is that it also stimulates his sex drive so much that he needs duct tape and baggy pants and is having all sorts of marital issues. All that we think and feel is just little electric currents.

^I can relate to this guy. Oh and my back is perfect.