Learning bloomberg

Hi Im in melbourne australia. We don’t use bloomberg in my office, well not in my department anyway. So is there anywhere I can learn it, and maybe get a certificate for it?? Thanks,

Before everyone says “SEARCH” (which you should) you can learn/get a certificate by typing BU and hitting GO. You then will watch many videos, call Bloomberg, give them a password or something, and take a quiz. Repeat and you have your certificate. Edit: If there isn’t one in your office, go to a local university. Mine had a terminal that I played around with. No one ever used it.

nothing free in the office to use. and at our universities here they dont just let anyone in any other options??

maddane, I was in search for Bloomberg Terminals too for last couple of weeks for the same certification purpose. The only resort I found was contacting the local CFA chapter (NYSSA) but they got back to me saying that you need to be a member to get access to the terminals and again starts this nasty little vicious circle of finding people to sponsor me in. And that sucker Friedman has a best seller under his name saying that the world was flat.

If you are in New York, there are also bloomberg machines at SIBL (Science Industry and Business Library) on 34th and Madison. You can’t download data from these machines, but you can do the BU stuff.

Yeps, I am in NYC only, but need the BT just for those certs, nothing else. If you know of any such public access in the city where I could lay my hands on the BT and get this knocked off… EDIT: Thanks bchadwick, I’ll give SIBL a try this weekend.

maddane, Im in Australia as well. Call Bloomberg, if they have an office in Melbourne, I think they’ll be happy to do a training session for you there. Dont know about the certification though.

Do Bloomberg terminals have porn? Does anybody know off hand if there are any free access bloomberg terminals in L.A.?

Yes, we have to keep pressed the S + E + X buttons on the BT for few seconds (Refer Bloomberg manual for exact ‘strokes’) and then we get the listing of all the price of the ‘curves’ as calculated by the Par Yield Curve (Market segmentations basis…) with different babe-maturities rite from 18-yrs bond to 30-yrs bond.

haha a classic dinesh response!!

lol Kevin, I think the ARCH models explain it all… The more I read L2, the more the Multiple-R2 starts explaining my madness. And on a side note, I am just 20% into the syllabus, will achieve perfect positive correlation when I have read all the Schweser books…