Learning from CFA Material vs Schweser.Does it matter considerably?

I am taking level 2 exam in June 2011. I have read e book version from CFA. I found it very exhausting to read. I’m thinking of reading Schweser materials. Do you think there is significant differences between CFA ebook and Schweser? The poin is: if I only read Schweser, do I have the same chance to pass the exam compare to if I read ebook? Thanks for your inputs. BR

yeah I wouldn’t worry about it. The cfai only sends those out so you look important if you put them all in your book case in your office.

haha…I studied cfa material first then I read schweser. I have only read equity. the thing is I found that many cfa materials that seems important not covered in schweser. I’m worried that those not covered in schweser will come up at the exam

This has been covered 1,000,001 times on this forum, use the search

L2 much harder with Schweser only. read CFAI and pretend you like it like the rest of us!!

@starbuk I like your comment -d-

Just try and do as much reading from the book as you can, if your stuck for time use the schweser notes. People have passed using schweser only, and people have failed using schweser only…

if you are running out of time switch to stalla/schweser. i personally cant stand CFAI books. my friend passed using schweser only. he didnt even look into EOC Qs but i’d recommend those at least. And dont forget the mocks from CFAI.

Use whichever helps you learn the best. My favorite is people acting elitist because they are reading all of the CFA text and that if you dont there’s basically no chance you’ll pass. Just know that is false and choose whichever one you want. My philosophy is do as many practice questions and exams as possible

Thanks guys…I’m planning to study equity and FRA from cfa first and then study from Schweser for others

I am also using study notes from Schweser. I am planning to read Ethics in CFAI books. Which other topic should I read in CFAI books ? (please do not say all : I need to be picky if I wanna do enought practice exams) Ps : I plan to EOC questions from CFAI books.

Loup, I’m doing the same and the more questions/exams and reviews of what you got wrong and also got right will help you a lot. I find it hard to believe if you do 1000’s of questions that you are gonna get on the exam and say to yourself “wow where did this come from”. At some point you are going to see pretty much everything there will potentially be, it’s a matter of understanding the concept and retaining it

I had the same question bugging me for few weeks now. For me it seems like first reading from CFAI is useful in many aspects. Particularly because, many of the concepts are not native to me in CFAI curriculum. And CFAI modules give good details for each concept that they explain on the spot. Whereas Schweser/Stalla gives just a revision list including most of the points in CFAI but excluding detailed explanation of the context in which those concepts are being discussed. Hence, I am inclined more towards CFAI at first readings.After reading from CFAI , schweser makes lot of sense, in view of brevity and fast reading.However, CFAI readings are long, and I may not be able to sustain the slow speed for long term. May be using CFAI for all topics turn out to be a huge waste of time for me and can be fatal. Still figuring out how to reconcile with both of them.

My reconciliation is doing Schweser for each chapter, then doing the schweser questions and the EOCs for that chapter. If I didn’t absolutely kill it, I go and read the CFAI chapter too. Do a run-through on QBank and if that’s above 85% I move on to the next chapter. This way easy chapters get Schweser-only, and hard ones that will frankly require multiple reads get both books contributing. I’m still going to have to sit down and look all this stuff over, but I’m working on making it through the first time, Reading 38, here we go! I’m flipping trhough the rest of Equity, and REading 44 seems like a true monster. It’s got LOS’s going from a to t.