Learning how to use financial calculator Texas Instruments BA2 Plus

It has been a long time since I used a financial calculator. I just picked up the Texas Instruments BA II Plus. Is there a good tutorial out there on how to use it for the CFA exam questions/problems? Do the Scheweser materials give the reader “walk throughs” on how to use the calculator when completing problems which rely on complex formulas? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Here is a online tutorial for using FC


Also read the manual if you find anything difficult. There are various shortcuts provided in the manual which can help you a lot.

Schweser does provide you guidance on how to use FC for certain questions but not for every problem.

I read the manual and worked every example problem in the manual.



Here’s a good review on the BA-ll plus:


CFAI have dropped the ‘complex formulas’ from the material (i.e. BSM). The ‘difficult’ ones tend to be swap pricing (lots of discounting) and portfolio variance (lots of squaring) - you’re better off here managing the parenthesis on paper and using the calc for the individual elements.

sure you will get a TVM question, but dont kid yourself that half the paper will be pluging and chugging tvm.

imo knowing all functions cold won’t give you an advantage. i.e. learning how to plug in a regression in 1/4 the keystrokes as the ‘long way’ is a waste of your study time.

purchase the videos for elan guides. they’ll tell you what exact buttons to press on a given problem.

BSDs only use HP. Look around during the test. You’ll agree.

BSDs are no where near the exam centers.

You got a point there. Future BSDs then. Ok, maybe a stretch.

old people use HP.

Certainly popular among the young in the STEM fields.

I thought the same.