learning new concepts with every passing day at this point in time makes me feel nervous and unprepared..!

Anyone having same feelings?

I refuse to learn anything new; life’s simpler that way.

a few weeks ago i came to the realizaiton that no matter how well prepared you are, the last few weeks are going to suck equally. You retain the most info also, since its the shortest time period to the exam you will ever be.

it is impossible to know EVERYTHING.

Studying level-III has taught or reinforced things I “learned” in level-I and level-II which I apprently didn’t fully understand when I first came across it.

Not suprising but scary

honestly, if you weren’t feeling this way and were feeling confident/cocky, you should be worried. this is extremely natural. the key with level 3: the more you “re-learn” to better you will be on test day. i would argue that someone who does 4 passthroughs of the info/EOCs/etc at a 60% proficiency each time would score much better than someone who does 1 passthrough and has 95% proficiency going through the EOCs/etc.

make sure you learn the info once, then review 4-5-6 times, and practice practice practice. as many topics as you can have fresh in your mind on test day will greatly increase your chances of scoring well.

lastly, don’t stress at this point, it’ll only block your brain’s ability to retain. trust me, it will all come together the last week or so as you continue to review the material. the smartest guy in the room will not know all of this information.


I feel this way. The thing that scares me is I’m surprisingly not worried about it like I was for the first two levels.

Imagine what would be the case if you pass everyday WITHOUT learning a new concept.

So true. But I have decided to just focus on making sure I know everything I have learned up to this point as well as I can as I think that will pay off more than trying to cram more new info in at this point. We’ll see if my strategy works.