Learning the materials for the long-term

Hi all, I’m planning on taking the L1 in June 2010. One question I had is whether anyone has studied in a way to optimize the amount of knowledge retained. I know for a lot of people, the goal is simply to pass, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Learning will be an inevitable part of the process and the designation and key nuggets of info will continue on with all charter-holders. For those who are taking the test also as a learning experience (perhaps naively so), would it be better to use CFAI materials, for example, rather than relying on the condensed Schweser notes? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Definitely CFAI if you want to learn but at the expense of your test (unless you have time and energy and brain power to absorb all the books). CFAI text contain much more useful and real life examples but of course are not testable.

I think retention is fairly difficult if you are not employing the material on a daily basis, i.e. in your work. Best of luck but you can always go back and re-read AFTER you’ve passed.

Unfortunately, I think my experience will eventually prove you right, HighestLearning. But I’ll still give it a shot.