leases, inventory etc....odds of being on test?

Will these level 1 accounting topics be on level 2 test? Doesn’t seem to make much sense that they would. Thanks, Andrew

VERY HIGH probability. They have been brought into the Level II curriculum this year, right… I do remember in 2009 - when the current SS7 (financial reporting quality stuff) was newly introduced, the entire FSA stuff was from that material. Similarly PE - entire chunks of that was tested to its tiny goriest detail. The PE material was entirely new.

It’s all new to Level II, cant ignore it!

My guess is it would be on a vignette combined with last 2 readings in FSA book. OR it could also be combined with Multinational Ops.

Considering that you will have AT LEAST 3 item sets about this topic, there is a very high probability … especially as Iginla said: if it gets combined with R27 and R28

I’d be happy if its on the test… think I know it quite well

I don’t know why the CFAI decides to tease us with the topic weighting ranges. We will have 4 FRA items sets guaranteed on the exam no doubt about it. They might not have an entire item set devoted to OBS leases and the operating->capital process, but they’ll find a way to mix in a few questions.

bhabib Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’d be happy if its on the test… think I know it > quite well Same! I would love to have it

fair enough. leases suck nonetheless. I find it hard to believe that it would be such a big part of level 1 and then move it and then test it again…is it still on level 1?