Leave job and study for June Level 1

One serious suggestion, i want. I am full time working in one company which is no where related to CFA level 1 prep or no where related to LOS. Daily i am studying 1 hr in morning before going office and after coming from office i am studying approx 2hrs and on weekends i get time. My job timing incl travel is approx 13 hrs. Can you please suggest me or what is your opinion of planning to quit job ad study for Level 1 and is it worth? Please help, i am in dilemma

Im on the same boat as you except that Im doing cfa level 1 and frm level 2 but the biggest issue I have is that I just moved for another position in a complete different location and cant just call it quits. I really hope that you and me can get this over with without losing our jobs. now i look back at it and wish i did this a while back when i had less worries and no children.

L1 is definitely achievable with the amount of studying you are currently doing.

I studied less hours than what you currently are and only really putting it more mores 1 month from the exam. I also took 1 week off from work.

Thanks a lot for your reply

Thanks a lot for your reply

Hi, I would suggest you should practice daily for half an hour in the morning. And then carry on with the same schedule as usual. Daily practice will help you remember longer and you won’t have to read again and again. When the exams are near you can take some time off from your work and dedicate only towards CFA.

All the Best !

I personally quit. Difference is, i wasnt getting any free time. It was too much exhaustiue

I’d guess that in most circumstances, if you can’t pass L1 without quitting your job then the CFA is not for you. Most people I know with a CFA did at least one of the levels in far from ideal circumstances.

Good Luck!