Leaving an Employer - Disclose or no??

  1. Do you need to disclose you are leaving an employer before making arrangements (which are on your own time) for your new company? 2) Do you need to disclose you are leaving an employer, whether you make arrangements or not? From my understanding, two weeks notice when you quit is disclosure itself. But can you start making arrangements before giving your two weeks notice? Or must you only make arrangements (on your own time, not conflicting) once you have disclosed you are leaving OR given two weeks notice. Thanks

You can start making arrangements at any time prior to leaving with our disclosure as long as they don’t violate standards, contacting clients…, and dont adversely affect you employer. Example you can start looking for office space, establish a phone line but you can’t market or talk with current clients. I would say two weeks is disclosure but all of those restrictions apply until you are gone. My understanding of a vague topic.

Sorry main point above, don’t have to disclose those actions.

Okay - so you cannot make arrangements for your new company unless you have disclosed that you are leaving. once you disclose, you have to ensure any actions do not violate loyalty to your current employer. What I am trying to get at is you can’t just arrange for your new company, even if its outside of work and doesnt conflict, until you disclose that you are leaving. then you can, and you gotta make sure it doesnt conflict, etc