Leaving Ethics to the end?

I just wanna see if there is a concensus here…

Does it always make sense to leave Ethics to the end, by starting from Quant and working your way down the study sessions? Or should we just start with Ethics, as recommended by the institute?

I started with Ethics and kind of regret it. Ethics is pretty easy and light and comparably fun. It would been a good brain-break in the middle of the quant material.

Yes that makes sense, but I am thinking that starting with an easy topic like ethics would make me feel good about myself… lol I may be wrong…

My advice is to read it at the beginning of your study plan, then read it again 1-3 nights before the exam. Reading it twice really helps in my opinion. Between Levels I and II, I’ve read Ethics 4 times, and will read it a 5th time in a few months. It’s one of those topics where the more you read through it the easier it becomes to extract the right answer on the exam, as the correct answer is sometimes subtle.

Also, reading Ethics the night before the exam might help you fall asleep (heh) when nerves and anxiety may be running high.

I would start with quant and leave ethics to the end. When I was doing level 1, I went in order but I had forgotten mostly everything from ethics as the exam got nearer. I had to reread it again.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will start studying on Monday!

I just finished studying the ethics portion. It is a lot of material that requires memorization to a certain extent. I wouldn’t leave it to the end. I’ll be going back to reveiw it a few times to solidify the knowledge when I have a bit of time imbetween the more gruesom math stuff. And again, its 15% of the test.