Lebron and Melo...

Where they going?

Cleveland, Philly? No way Melo takes that pay cut in Chicago.

I think they’ll both be Milwakee Bucks. cheeky

I think it’s more likely that Lebron signs a new deal with Miami and Melo joins him, although I would love to see both of them come to Philly for a few years.


They could have gone to LA if the Lakers hadn’t paid their geezer a bajillion dollars, knowing that he doesn’t have much left in the tank.

I’d welcome LeBron in San Antonio. (Not sure of Coach Pop agrees.) Carmelo–not so much.

I think all the talk of one of them going to the Clippers or Rockets is wishful thinking. Western Conference is ridiculously hard; even 48 wins doesn’t guarantee a playoff spot. The Eastern Conference is where u want to be, after Miami the only contender was Indiana, who were in shambles half the time.

As for Philly, aren’t they tanking again this season?

^ I don’t think Philly plans on tanking this coming season, but if they end up with another lotter pick I don’t think they’ll be overly upset. If you think about it though, Philly should be on the radar of big time free agents:

  1. Tons of cap space so they can offer max deals.

  2. Reigning rookie of the year in MCW.

  3. Nerlens Noel who would have been top 5 last year if he hadn’t gotten hurt (maybe even top 3).

  4. Number 3 & 10 picks this year, giving Sixers 4 lottery players on the floor.

  5. 4th largest TV market in the country.

  6. Strong front office.

The problem Lebron had in Cleveland is that he made them too good to get decent draft picks. The Sixers have already made those picks, so Lebron walks into a team who should contend in 2-3 years even without him. With him, they contend this year and just get better every year for the rest of his career. This is clearly wishful thinking on my part, but Lebron could sign with the Sixers and realistically win 3 more championships in the next 5-7 years.

^agreed lebron should stay in the east if he wants to keep getting to the finals

The only way this happens is if Melo or some other mega free agent comes with Lebron. Lebron by himself does not get the Sixers to level of a San Antonio or OKC (maybe not even the Pacers). Also, in the next 5-7 years I gotta believe Lebron wants 5-7 rings; I don’t see him choosing a city where he can’t win immediately in his first season.

^ Melo is welcome to come too. Other than getting Melo or someone else to join him in Miami, which will require D Wade and Bosh to opt out and sign smaller deals as well, there’s really no place else in the east (other than Cleveland) that gives him a faster chance to win and win multiple times.

Again I realize it’s wishful thinking, but Philly actually can make a compelling case if they want to.

Lebron stays with Miami and Melo stays with the Knicks.

I’m hoping LeBron heads to Dallas.

And plays tight end for the Cowboys.

I would love and hate to see that at the same time.

pretty funny


Back to Cleveland, baby!

That’s starting to look pretty likely. Cleveland pretty much offers all the same things Philly does (see my earlier post on why Lebron should go to Philly) except it’s a smaller market. Cleveland does have to move a guy or two to make it happen though.

Won’t Cleveland customers be mad at LeBron after that “Decision” thing that he did?

Lebron remains in Miami

The Dinosaur Bosh goes to Houston

D Wade retires

Melo joins Lebron and they get waxed again by the octogenarians in San Antonio.

Time heals all wounds.

So does winning championships.

Once you spend a February in Cleveland without Lebron, you can forgive a lot of sins.