Lecture CDs to iPod?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has been successful transferring their Lecture CD videos to their video enabled iPod. I spend a lot of time flying for work, so it would be great if I could utilize that time listening to lectures. On a related note: Is it possible to copy these CDs to the computer? I hate carrying all the CDs around with me. It would be great if I could just copy them all to my hard drive. But I haven’t had much luck with this. Please let me know if you can help with my questions above. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

The following assumes you have the right to copy the material from your CD/DVDs. As far as I know each Lecture contains 5 – 30 mins approx lectures. They are in the form of wmv files. There are basically 3 categories. 1) wmv video file 2) PPT slides which you see on the right. 3) hyperlink LOS categories. If your IPOD can play wmv format, you can search in each cd for wmv files and copy only those on to you IPOD. It should work. But only thing is that you can’t see formulas, graphs, examples (visuals what you see on the right side of IE when you watch on PC) etc but only see the instructor and listen to him. Hope this helps. Ethical Disclaimer : Is is allowed to copy videos on to IPOD ? I do not know. Check with appropriate authority or consult your counsel. ehehehehe

FRM2cfa, Thanks for your reply. I’m assuming that since I bought the Lecture CDs, it should be okay for me to copy to my iPod for my viewing. But I’m not a lawyer, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks again.

I’m an economist but I can assure you it’s legal. It’s personal property on a personal device.

Good advice!! I’ll try to transfer them into my PSP… :slight_smile:

Thanks, hplee.

I think it’s ok, and I did stay at a holiday in express last night.

I have an Archos portable video player and a new Sony MP3 player I’m going to try it on. Just listening to the audio on the way to work would be nice.