LED Headlights

My wife was complaining about not being able to see well on an unlit road after sunset a few weeks ago. She drives a 2010 Sequoia, so crappy halogen bulbs. I changed the high and low beam bulbs out for Sealight LEDs and left the halogen DRLs. Since it was a total of 4 bulbs, they were pricey, but I managed to snag an open box set for about $85. Man, what a difference. Visibility drastically increased. And a fairly easy install. LED manufacturing has progressed to plug n play capabilities, much better than when I was ricing up my old Integra. It took me about 30 minutes to get the first headlight housing out where I could work on it (dang forward sensors complicate everything), but after that, the other side housing and actual bulb replacement were a breeze.

10/10, highly recommend. Especially for new drivers who you may be starting out in an older car.

My wheels came stock with these factory headlight assemblies that automatically detect oncoming traffic and switch from high beam to low beam and back again. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it.

Don’t accidentally turn it off. I know someone who got a DUI because a cop traveling the opposite direction on a 2 lane road thought he was staring into the sun.