LeFebvre Fans: Which Schweser Readings are you finding most helpful?

just sat for Boston Review session - it was incredible. I’ve completely changed my study plan to focus on Bboxes, EOC, and CFA exams. For those with more experience:

Which Schweser sessions are worth it? Are the afternoon item sets beneficial in your opinion?

will be in Omaha as well. Looking forward as I’ve heard great things.

I’m also curious about Schweser p.m. exams and I suppose their a.m. too. I have a friends’ books from last year but have not cracked them yet. Been focusing on CFA exams.

I will be in Omaha this week. I’m looking forward to it because I’ve heard nothing but good things; about the course that is, not Omaha.

What Blue Box examples did he say were good to do?

I have done Schweser + CFAI EOC + 3 tests. Going to hang with LeFebvre in Dallas next week. Would love to be as prepared as possible to max the benefit there.