Left 30% blank in AM, any chance to pass?

I left 30% blank in AM, any chance to pass?

well based on rough estimates of past few years MPS info, if you have attended those 70% of the exam with 80% accuracy and score big in PM say 80% at the least then there is a fair chance

I would estimate that if you received less than 50 in 4 out of the 10 in the morning, your on track for a passing mark

yes… if you got 70% correct on the 70% you answered thats 25% of final score… plus an 80% on PM gets you to a rough 65% overall which could be good

Well… theoretically, sure you can pass. If you’re a well-prepared candidate and can pull off 80% in the PM and 70% marks on the 70% you completed in the AM, then it’s possible. But I’m guessing you’re not a well-prepared candidate if you had to leave 30% blank.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m going to say it’s unlikely. Yes, your exam results will read <50% like many others, but unlike most of them you are receiving nothing where they are getting 30%, 40%, even up to 49% of question-point totals. So looking at last-year’s passers that show a lot of sub-50% AM Qs is most likely only giving you false hope.

Let’s think this through logically: Give or take, your ceiling is now 85% (30% of AM is 15% of test). If we assume the MPS is 65% (an assumption, I know), you’d have to get 76% of all remaining questions correct – if MPS is 60%, your figure drops to 71%.

IMHO PM was sort of easy, so maybe you did really well there (but in this case you need to do better than the average test taker b/c the MPS is a sliding scale that is adjusted upward or downward according to how well candidates did, so not sure an easy PM helps you much either) and you aced what you did finish in the AM, but the fact you didn’t manage your time well makes me think this isn’t your year. I hope I’m wrong!


I’m sorry, but realistically no. Like Wayne said, if you were well prepared and aced all the other questions, sure. But then you woudn’t have let 30% blank in the AM in the first place.

Try again next year and practive plenty of timed AM mocks then.

No You cant you should start preparing for next year exam

You are not well prepared so you cant get more than 70% accuracy in the portion you attended in the AM section

And no matter how well you did in the PM section scoring 80% or 48+ is always tough as each item set had one question which was tough and then there is ethics section

I would love to see you score

hmm I left 10% blank and I am worried, so 30% seems a lot I sure hope so you make it though

All the best ! you never know ! it could happen , boo to the people already spelling out doom, Try to earn some karma points before the result

I read an article stating that the level of knowledge has to be very specific @ L3, which means that writing some BS will not help to grap partial points. Either you know it and write the correct answer or you get close to 0 points. Therefore if you covered 70% and are SURE about your answers… avoided also mistakes + on top you aced PM, it could work out.

true, last year I tired to complete the AM even if I didnt know the answer I wrote something and it never helped.

This year I spent time on questions I knew and made sure they were correct rathar than just writing to fill up the sheets.

I left 1 whole question this year but I am not that worried because I spent time on the ones I knew.

i left a whole question blank this year and am freaking out every day. is this not your case?

How could you know it didn’t help?

because I got 7 < 50 in AM and failed with band 8

I am a bit disappointed but I didnt expect I will answer each question perfectly.

As long as for the other 9 I get decent marks, it should be fine.

Yes, you absolutely can still pass, but your chances of passing would be higher if you had answered those questions and answered them correctly.

What were your PM results in comparison?


Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% 1 Portfolio Management - Institutional 14 - - * 2 Portfolio Management - Institutional 17 - - * 3 Fixed Income Investments 19 * - - 4 Alternative Investments 20 * - - 5 Portfolio Management - Performance Eval. 15 - - * 6 Portfolio Management - Risk Management 14 * - - 7 Portfolio Management - Individual 18 * - - 8 Portfolio Management - Individual 16 - * - 9 Portfolio Management - Asset Allocation 15 * - - 10 Economics 14 * - - 11 Portfolio Management - Indiv/Behavioral 18 * - -

Item Set

Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Economics 18 - - * - Equity Investments 18 - - * - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - * - - Fixed Income Investments 18 - - * - Portfolio Management 18 - * - - Portfolio Management - Individual 18 * - - - Portfolio Management - Monitor&Rebalance 18 - - * - Portfolio Management - Risk Management 36 - - *

We have divided the group of candidates who did not pass into 10 approximately equal score bands. Your score band below shows how your overall score on the exam compares with the overall scores of candidates who did not pass this exam. For example, a score band of 1 indicates performance in the bottom 10%, a score band of 10 indicates performance in the top 10%. Your score band: 8