Left vs. right squabble

(This is intended to go in the Water Cooler. I hope that I did it right, given the new design of the website.)

You know, it’s funny. Somebody posted this video on Facebook the other day. ANd somthing that somebody (maybe FrankyBarnes?) said in the MAGA thread made me think of it.

As I watched it, I couldn’t tell if it was a right-wing or left-wing video. I didn’t know what the creator of the video was trying to say.

Was it “The Free Market doesn’t work, as evidenced by these evil, greedy capitalists who misused the public trust to line their own pockets with gold?” Or was it “This simply proves that the government cant be trusted to do anything right, and to increase both its size and scope will doom all of us”?

I just thought it was interesting that two people can see the exact same video and come to two vastly different conclusions. And I think that to label an entire group of people as “idiots” or “moochers” simply because they come to a different conclusion based on the same evidence is inherently dangerous. (Kinda like “is the dress black & blue or is it gold & white”.)

So is aoc’s beef that the gross margin is too high? What’s acceptable gross margin anyways? I mean tdg net margin is 17 percent. There are a ton of other countries with higher margins. So is she just pissed with profit?