Legit escorts in Miami

My boss has arranged a suite at SunLife Stadium in Miami for the Patriots game this weekend. He’s a big fan since he was a student in the Boston area, and is taking me and other fellow alums to the game (disguised Steelers fan, but will take the ride). Anyway, since I know the guys who are going, the possibility of bringing in chicks will come sooner rather than later, so if anyone on AF has a good idea of whom we should call, it would be appreciated. You know, strict 10s, utmost privacy, no crackheads, etc. I’m not familiar with the market over there. We’ll be on South Beach. Also, if anyone is in the area and would like to have a couple of drinks, let me know.

^ This guy is always embroiled in something seedy.

So I know people who are shareholders in RICK, which owns a ridiculous club in Miami called Tootsies (so creative with the naming). Anyway, I’m told the club is awesome, and I heard from the CEO of RICK that a lot of strip clubs (including, perhaps the RICK clubs for all I know), offer prostitution in the back room.So yeah, you should go there and find out and then tell us about it.

…take pics so we can live through you…

I should add that it’s not for me; it’s for the guys in case they ask. Couple of them will go alone. Even the mrs. will go to the game.

She might like Tooties too, you don’t know until you try.


And good use of the word embroiled Alladin

So you’re bringing your wife to a game and arranging for escorts to accompany your buddies to the same game? Man, my life is so pedestrian.

A good friend of mine is a wholesale furniture salesman in Europe. He confided in me that basically every time clients come over to visit the headquarters they basically expect him to be taken out to brothels. So it’s like part of his job description to take clients out, feed them at top quality restaurants, get them drunk, and then organize the entertainment which in most cases involves a group visit to the brothel. If he doesn’t provide, the clients buy elsewhere, that’s how the business works apparently. I know this happens in finance as well (and in a whole heap of sales jobs), but it seems pretty shitty for it to be almost compulsory, like you’re not a good salesman unless you’ve sorted out the hookers in advance.

^ Haha, no. Game ends at 4:30pm, I was thinking about suggestions for them after the game or the night before. It’s funny because I’m borderline predator if given the chance with regular chicks, but prostitution actually turns me off. I don’t judge anybody though.

I’m fairly certain this is expected in many industrie in Japan. The brothels are not even remotely concealed either. In fact one that I saw was literally inside a mall.

I’ve never been into strip clubs and brothels. I sort of feel like that’s what one-night stands are for, and you can basically experience similar variety if you have an adventurous girlfriend. You also don’t have to pay some girl who may or may not even be any good. Anyway, I guess I can understand the appeal but I must be in the minority that isn’t that interested in them.

Yes, also not very interested. Why pay when you can get it for free? #ValueInvesting

Hit me up on my cell bro, I have legit dimes on deck that are DTF. 626-548-7852

Im just kidding dude (I feel really bad if someone actually has the phone#, lol)

I don’t think dimes exist except if you’re wasted

there are no 10s

Outside of the US, hookers and blow are the rule not the exception.

If you can’t find a decent agency, I suggest a speedboat to Cuba.

Wow, what a tool you are IEV. You are not “familiar with the market over there” meaning you know your local market? What do you usually pay? Sounds like it is time to get out of mom’s basement.

You’re not alone, when I use women I don’t want to have to pay them.

More then that, my pesty conscience would make me feel nothing but regret and guilt afterwards…

^ They should be paying *us* instead.