Lehman employee still waiting for barclays offer letter

hi everyone I work @ lehman and we got a corporate email on monday that we should be getting barclays offer letter within the next few days and i have not seen anything yet…anyone in this forum in the same situation? i know some people that got it…hopefully it will come soon

I got mine already and accepted. If you have not received one yet, you should contact HR.

i got the following email which says that I will continue to be employed by lehman…any idea what this means? “We are pleased to inform you that you will continue in your employment with Lehman Brothers and continue to receive ongoing salary, benefits and expense reimbursement. As we communicated to you in our prior employee memo, the corporate team will be invaluable to our creditors and other constituents as we work together to maximize value. For those who work in or support a number of our other operating businesses, including the Investment Management Division’s Asset Management and Private Equity businesses, efforts continue to maximize the value of those businesses. We will be communicating further details in the coming days. You should continue to report to work as usual. No further action on your part is required to continue your employment with Lehman Brothers. Once again, we understand that the past week has been extremely frustrating and that you may have many questions. We will attempt to address all your questions as we continue to work together and we thank you for your commitment and professionalism during this transitional period.”

That means you are guaranteed employment only until December 31, 2008. If you are on the corporate side, you are likely to not receive an offer to join Barclays Capital.

Jeez pimp, what a downer

Its good to know - you could network and switch if you still wanted to stay within the umbrella, which might be easier than completely switching companies at this point in the economy . . .

thanks pimp, i hope this is true. I have no idea what i would be doing here until 12/31 since the rest of my team all got barclay offers and we were told to stop doing our daily functions…so we are all reading news and playing games all day btw, we fall under LBI, which I was told got bought over by barclays…more specifically under the finance division in the PC department