Lehman T-Shirt Ideas

Maybe I’ll go hawk some tee shirts outside Lehman tomorrow (in the same vein as the “I got Cayned” BSC shirts) and use the proceeds to buy booze for my fallen friends. Here’s what I’ve got so far: “We won’t get FULD again!” “Lehman FULDs” Any other ideas? Too bad it isn’t Goldman… you could use “I’m going to use my severance check to get a BlankFein piece of @ss

“What the Fuld?” w/ a simple “RIP - Lehman 1850 - 2008” on the back.

On the front: Our Dick FULD Lehman’s Brother On the back: and his sister

I like brianr’s and: Front: “I lost billions of dollars in mortgage backed assets and all I got was this lousy t shirt” Back: “Suck it Fuld.”

Fuld my Dick back between my legs.

On the back: LEH got sub-primed from behind…

Elmer Fuld … Shhhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet; I’m bankrupting Lehman, heheheheheheh

Front: “From Lehman to Layman” Back: “No Credit Christmas This Year” tag - picture of sad bond traders

The word “Lehman” above a picture of a lemon.