Leicester City!!

Shout out to the new EPL Champions!!

Funny nobody posted this already…so here goes…

~Fearless Forever !!

Was happy to see them win. Started following the EPL when my boss got me into playing fantasy PL a few years back. Crazy season they had, well deserved for sure!

Tottenham was robbed

Seen as most forum members here are Americans football is not as popular as handegg…

I don’t understand why Americans don’t like soccer. There are no commercials, the ball rarely stops moving, every goal and every game matters.

Congratulations to Leicester City!


That was nasty. I might have to start watching the Premier League. Especially now that Valencia is sinking like a rock.

What an incredible achievement. As it’s a league and Leicester have been there or there abouts over the 9 month season everyone has almost acclimatised to seeing them at the top of the table but for them to clinch the title with 2 games left to play with a team assembled for less than £50m is huge, bigger thank Greece winning the Euros, bigger than Porto or Liverpool winning the Champions League.

I’ve watched a fair few of their games over the season and the sheer grit and determination has been outstanding. The team ethos is not something you see in modern day football, even at international level. The game on Sunday you could tell that these players were out on their feet but they kept on battling.

I don’t think they’ll win it again next year but unless their team gets stripped of all their top players they’ll give it a damn good go again. And I can see them going better than people will expect them to in Europe.

This explains a lot from the glory days of “The Soccer Thread” before Durr got banned and set up his dupes


This article says it all. we all love stats

^good stuff

+1. Incredible acheivement and they will surprise many in Europe the next year in CL. Just hope they are not robbed by the millions spending clubs… (Like Tottenham were robbed of Bale).

I dont know how the bigger clubs would fare next year though. The Man U, Man City, Arsenal (perennial poor achievers ever since I started watching), Chelsea et al.

Love it when a lesser known entity makes it to the top, gives me lot of hope and inspiration to live :slight_smile:

Hmm, how so? I think LCFC might not lose their players as easily as the pundits think because their destinations like Chelsea or United might not be in the CL next year. It would be a step down.

^ more of a La Liga perspective on things I guess, same with Isuldurr or whatever he’s called now.

Good point about some of the big clubs not having CL. I can’t see Vardy leaving but Kante and Mahrez could go and then it would be game over for Leicester.

it’s because it’s boring. Canadians don’t like it because its far slower than hockey and it’s not violent enough. Americans don’t like it because it’s not technical enough and fat kids can’t play it.

Ha ha, brilliant.

IMO, football has more emphasis on ‘technique’ than American sports. It is why you see people of all physique and sizes enter the game and thrive where as all American sports skew heavily to the upper end of size, height and strength which in turn along with accessibility has contributed to ‘soccer’ becoming the most dominant sport worldwide.

More importantly, The scale of Leicester’s achievement is indeed astonishing. The odds laid out by the bookies were 5000-1. For comparison, the odds on Elvis being found alive were 2000-1. We’ve had underdog stories and upsets but this is something else entirely. Their fans seem like a sentimental bunch too which is always nice to see in this day and age.

The Algerian guy Riyad Mahrez is some player. Fav moments of the season :

Riyad nutmegging a Stoke defender who can’t quite figure out how he’s been nutmegged.

Riyad Mahrez triple homicide.

^ loving the triple homicide. makes me laugh every time. And that flicked 'meg in the box against stoke was just filthy.

The media hasn’t picked up on this point much really but the Moneyball approach they’ve used in their scouting deserves a lot of credit.

Ranieri is a fine coach and deserves all the credit he’s getting but he’s a coach not a manager which is rare for Britain so he appears to be picking up all the credit for the transfer policy which seems to have actually been driven in part by the owners with some pretty innovative techniques being used.

Also, i’ll be interested to see how Chelsea do next season. It really is testiment to how far they’ve sunk that Jon Obi Mikel is holding down a starting position in the team.

Mikel is a boss and a winner.

I understand nothing that’s happening in this thread, and as an American, that upsets me.